Plants of the Month

Trees That Won't Eat Your House


Cercis ‘Forest Pansy’ – Eastern Redbud

This East Coast cultivar is always on any of my top ten lists.   Besides the incredible spring show of purple blooms, it has beautiful burgundy foliage, fall color upon ocassion and a graceful form.   The California Native, the Western Redbud (Cercis occidentalis) has the same wonderful attributes, with a shrubbier form and green leaves.


Maytenus boaria – Mayten Tree

The Mayten tree needs well-drained soil and deep watering so don’t put it in your lawn.   The cultivar ‘Green Showers’ has a more uniform shape and densely clad branches.   Let the branches droop as they wish and you will never miss that weeping willow!


Leptospermum ‘Dark Shadows’ – Tea Tree

The Tea Trees from Australia are drought tolerant and bloom prolifically with flowers that range from white to pink to rose to red.   This cultivar is especially beautiful because of it’s weeping shape and burgundy foliage.   All Tea Trees are pest and disease resistant.


Acacia pendula – Weeping Myall

Perfect for the Mediterranean garden, this Acacia looks amazing with succulents, architectural plants, and all by itself, as well.     Although not considered long lived (about 30 years) in tree time, the silvery gray foliage, drought tolerance, trouble-free maintenance and yellow spring flowers make this a wonderful choice for the landscape.



unless otherwise stated, all photos by Kathleen Irvine or James Danno
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